Sacred, Holy Work

Sacred, Holy Work

800_1019Yesterday a person I haven’t seen in a while asked me what I was doing with myself these days. As I was attempting to answer she said, “Nothing? Still goofing around?” Maybe I misunderstood as I was attempting to answer her,”I’m still writing and taking photographs and generally trying to make the world a better place.” But our words intersected and I was left feeling quite strange. You see it didn’t matter who said the words…nothing…goofing around…what I heard is what I think about my life much of the time. The slap in my face comes from my own self-assessment, not from anyone else. Her words simply pried open the lid of my inner Pandora’s box.

A couple weeks ago a person I met asked what I ‘did’ and my reply? “I’m just a writer and nature photographer.” I couldn’t believe it when the words came out of my mouth. My jaw literally dropped as I caught my statement of shame and restated to her….”I am a writer and nature photographer.”

I’m just?

Image taken while I was on a spiritual-photography retreat

I stunned myself by proclaiming that the work of my life, this sacred, holy work is...just? Doing this work is following my spiritual path so why did I answer with such shame? And what’s with the snooty judgement of my life’s work?

In contemplating the words from yesterday, whether they were actually spoken aloud or my inner filters chimed in with the negative assessment of my life, I realized an old wound had circled around again and was snarling at me. It says this: Nothing I ever do is good enough. I’m not good enough so therefore everything I give to the world is unacceptable….. Old beliefs don’t die. They just quieten their chatter and slip underground when we become distracted. They lay waiting until they can slyly sneak within hearing range and softly whisper their dark, sinister messages into our innocent ears. You’re not good enough. Why do you think you can make a difference? Why don’t you give up? The spiral brings the wound around again to be healed at a deeper level.

Photo by Rebecca Droillard
Photo by Rebecca Drouillard

Today I was reading from a course of study and the question was asked, “What more can one give but oneself?” I thought back to yesterday’s exchange and to a couple weeks ago when I stated I was just a writer and photographer. If I am ashamed of my sacred work, how will I ever believe that what I have to offer in service will be enough? How can I be enough in relationship with the Universe, my self, a man, other people?

What am I willing to sacrifice on my spiritual path? Everything, even the old beliefs that have kept me small.

Armondo carves stones that he places on his property in Akumal, Mexico as a way to honor the earth
Armondo carves stones that he places on his property in Akumal, Mexico as a way to honor the earth

No matter what work we do, if we do it with love and surrender ourselves to it, it is sacred and holy. May we find the courage to walk our paths and seek opportunities to share ourselves with the world.


8 Replies to “Sacred, Holy Work”

  1. Thank you. I believe everyone who puts her/his work out into the world with an open heart can and does make a difference.

  2. One of my goals is to listen more to the supportive, loving, kind inner voices that champion what I do and listen less to those old voices of conditioning and domestication.

  3. You have a gift of being able to put your thoughts into words which reach into my heart and soul. I am sure I’m not the only one who feels this way and it is my sincere wish that more people who read your blogs will take the time to tell you what a formidable spritual service you provide to all of us. Merci, mon ami!!

  4. Thank you Eydie. I so appreciate your friendship and for letting me know my blog was not accepting comments….and thankfully the fix was easy. I’m finding my way, like all of us. I wish bright blessings to you and all who are following their path, consciously or who don’t know they are on a spiritual path…we ALL are!! Much love!

  5. How timely to read your post today as I am going through similar experience with my work.
    I have always admired the most amazing creative expressions that come through you in your writing, photography, bodywork…and just this morning was thinking of you and how you do what you love with passion. You are an amazing example to me my dear friend, and thank you for BEING and sharing! Love you!!! 🙂

  6. Thank you Madelin. I know you understand. I feel we are being called to dig deeper and be clearer expressions of Love and Light and not be afraid to stand strong in our spiritual lives. Much love and support to you!!


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