My work in the world is to help humans remember and deepen their connection to Nature. Through my passion and creativity, I hope to inspire others to love the Earth and be kind and compassionate to all life. I use my education, training, work experience and skills as naturalist, counselor, yoga teacher, musician, outdoorswoman, and artist to accomplish this through writing, teaching photography, and guiding women in holistic fly fishing.

For more than 40 years I have traveled and photographed sacred places and experienced deep communion with land, water and amazing teachers such as humpback whales, spotted dolphins, manatees and sea lions. My experiences have been shared in books, blog posts and in presentations. I invite you to visit the BOOKS page or my PHOTOGRAPHY web site or read my BLOG. And to join me in going deeper, to the place of inner stillness from which we can act with compassion and kindness and wisdom.

In this time of intense and unprecedented change, it is time to call forth our strengths, to share our gifts, to be fully present with all life. The Earth is calling us to step forward in love and with commitment to be fully present with It and to create a new vision of what life can be with love and respect and compassion for all life.

Let us create a new vision of life based on compassion, kindness, love and peace.

Feel free to connect with me on social media….you might meet my family of four-legged friends, read a bit of humor or see some of my passionate posts about our beautiful  Planet. Reach out, say hello and spread goodness, love, compassion and kindness.




“We are ALL in this together…part of the family of life on Mother Earth. Join me in celebrating our beautiful Planet and in being actively involved in making a positive difference. Dance barefoot on Her….sing to Her…read Her poetry…every single day let this magnificent Planetary Being know you appreciate and love It.”


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