Wading Women

Wading Women

Cast into the light of your own being. Breathe in beauty. Wade in wonder. Go out in Nature. Explore…Emerge. (Thank you David Knapp of Troutzone Anglers for the photo)

Holistic Fly Fishing is fly fishing based in a balance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the experience. It is an approach founded in awareness of the environment and interconnectedness of all life. Wading Women bases their excursions on compassion and reverence. We invite you to deepen your relationship with Nature and all life, including yourself, by wading and casting with us.

Wading Women invites you to explore with mindfulness as we visit mountain creeks and learn the basics of fly fishing. The emphasis is on personal empowerment, not on how many fish are caught. We can just stick with the basics of fly fishing or go a bit deeper and practice mindfulness meditation beside the creek. We’ll for sure go over wading safety. Each experience is unique and customized for each participant. We will practice ‘catch and release’ using barbless hooks and will be gentle with fish that choose to dance with us. For those not wanting to interact with fish by hooking, flies without hooks can be used…just let us know. It’s a bit of fly fishing, yoga, mindfulness, and guided nature walk designed to help empower participants to experience Nature in a holistic, nurturing way that they are comfortable with. Holistic fly fishing…a wonderful way to experience Nature.

To learn about logistics and pricing, please visit the Wading Women page on the website. While there, you can download a free PDF on women and fly fishing.

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