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Guided Meditations

Taking a few minutes each day to be in stillness can aid us in maintaining balance. The mind needs time to connect deeply with our core to have integration of inner and outer experiences. Even a few minutes of simply breathing and following breath can have profound calming effects and can refresh us to be more effective in our lives.

Below are guided meditations that are available for use free of charge and can be downloaded from Soundcloud via the links below. Donations can be made by clicking here.

The Seal Woman

Guided Relaxation

Ocean Healing

Stream & Crystal Bowls

Peace Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

Star Meditation

Star Meditation

Deepening with Nature–Independent Guided Study Book

This is a 13 lesson course for those seeking a deeper relationship with Nature and themselves, this course is designed to guide the participant to soul-center. An animal guide serves as teacher for each lesson. There are 28 days per lesson and each day includes an exercise and a meditation/journey.

This is a gentle yet effective way to explore the connection to Nature…to our beautiful Earth Mother. Traditional myths as well as those newly revealed are used by the animal wisdom guides.

This e-book is available through a link on the BOOKS page.

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