What resources do you have in your life? With this question we might begin to list bank account totals, assets that might be used as collateral for a loan or some other material possessions. But imagine instead resources much more vital and significant than those.

In the work of reclaiming the deep, soulful life I use the word resource as something that strengthens a person or supports the expansion of their inner world. A resource is something that provides nourishment for the soul.

Last night a couple friends and I drove to a quiet part of the beach for sunset and a meteor shower. Conditions couldn’t have been more perfect…few clouds, nice breeze, no biting insects, very few people with flashlights…it was, for our busy tourist area, amazing.

As darkness deepened, beauty of the firmament deepened. Space seemed to open before us. First it was the planets that shone brightly and then deep space seemed to reveal itself as light of the day faded. It was as if we were looking into infinity.

This morning as I was in that dreamy state of reflection, I sensed inner expansion lingering from brushing against the numinous Universe. The experience of last night became a resource for me to draw upon, helping me expand into a truer expression of my Self and feel a greater sense of connection with all life…with the Divine.

When I feel constricted or fearful I can reflect back on how it felt to be with the night sky, to sense the Infinite within and the connection to something so much bigger than ‘me.’ This memory can help me move through moments of unease and it prompted me to be mindful of the many inner resources that arise from connecting deeply with Nature, from moving into Oneness.

In the work of reclaiming the life of the soul, a resource is an experience that becomes a memory-tool that takes us to a deeper relationship with our Self and Oneness.

What resources do you have to help you expand into a deeper, truer expression of your true self? They are priceless treasures….remember to use them.

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