Life Happens

Life Happens

Summer morning flight from home

Today as I was flying I felt the greatest sense of freedom. A huge hawk developed interest in the drone so I had to bring my bird down as the hawk could have been super-destructive to my aircraft. Then I watched the hawk play in the late afternoon thermals. And when it lost interest in my bird, it flew over the mountain top so I could resume operation. And flying…and freedom.

Summer afternoon flight from home

Flying in the bigness of open land reminded me of diving, of floating weightlessly in water. There was a sense of expansion and a loosening of bindings. Diving does that for me and so does flying the drone or visiting amazing natural environments. At one point, after I landed her to change batteries, I felt so anchored in the present moment and everything else…EVERYTHING…was gone. It was just my awareness of dirt and sky and mountains. It was good…seriously yummy feeling.

Flight this afternoon at my neighbors farm

Too often we allow ourselves to become mired down in worry, fear…no need to list the distractions that can tear us away from the present moment. The more I am able to be truly present in that expansive, joyous moment, whatever distracted and sucked my energy from me evaporates.

In the sweetness of life…that present moment

Diving, flying my drove, hiking along the creek, playing my native flutes, watching the fire, walking the spiral labyrinth…whatever I do that brings me into the present moment is where I find sweetness of life. So it seems I need to do more of the things that support my soul, that nurture my spirit.

Ireland…one of the sweetest series of moments I’ve ever known

What brings you into that sweet place in life where everything fades but the present moment, the beautiful moment where life truly happens.

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