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Epilogue–Humpback Whale Adventure Part VI

  Friday–The last pre-dawn yoga morning at the Silver Bank reef and the moon and stars and sea met me Read More →

Stormy Day–Humpback Adventure Part V

Clouds and wind yoga instead of moon, stars and sea yoga this morning. During my practice I kept wondering how Read More →

Whale Relationships–Part IV Humpback Adventure

Wednesday–After pre-dawn yoga on the deck, I went up to the flying bridge and danced to the Ocean Mother, to Read More →

Tender & Gentle–Humpback Whales Part III

Tuesday–The day begin with more moon, stars and sea yoga. Practicing with the elements is transformational. I wonder if that’s Read More →

Meditating with Whales–Humpback Adventure Part II

Monday–I walked up from my cabin below deck to the dive deck and then climbed the set of stairs to Read More →

Begin at the Beginning–Humpback Whale Journey Part I

Humpback mothers and babies, dreaming whale couples, a mama and baby and male, a singer, rowdy groups of humpbacks, meditating Read More →

Easing into Whale Time

After sleeping on and off over 11 hours and spending the morning relaxing, I am slowly slipping into that timeless Read More →

A Most Amazing Year

This year brought me back to myself. That’s the short of it. Expanded the year’s summary includes rainbows of epic Read More →

Reflecting on Bigness

“Dance with their bigness,” my friend reminded me. He was referring to a humpback whale trip that is coming up Read More →

Eye Contact

While hovering over a coral reef in the Caribbean, I spot a blenny. The small fish, perhaps an inch long Read More →