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Deepening with Nature Workbook is a guided study intended to help participants connect with Nature in ways that allow barriers between humans and the natural world to be diminished and channels of communication opened and strengthened.

The cycles are set up for independent study but it can enhance the experience to form a group that meets weekly or monthly to share experiences. A group of like-minded and supportive friends participating in the work can create a powerful foundation for positive change that radiates out into the world. The Exercises and Meditations/Journeys should be done solo; however, the group can support the overall expansion of growth and perhaps come together to drum and share.


The Stone Hut is a fictional story, set in Ireland. It spans centuries as two characters explore the dimensions of time and the soul. More than a story of two individuals, it engages timeless archetypes that connect all of us to the deepest part of ourselves and each other. Especially relevant to the changes our planet is experiencing, the story reminds us to value and see all life as sacred. Available as an eBook by clicking on the ‘buy now’ link or by visiting any fine eBook distributor. $5.99.


Finding Home: The Life of Stella Sea Turtle¬†is a children’s book that follows the life of a sea turtle hatchling along the Alabama Gulf Coast. You’ll find Sophia and Grandma Brucey at it again, helping creatures of the sea. This book is an awesome way for children of all ages to learn about sea turtles and how people can help them. Written by Simone Lipscomb and illustrated by Linda-Bell Schorer.


Magnolia Manatee’s Long Journey Home is based on a true story about the rescue of Magnolia, a wayward manatee, who was stranded in Magnolia River, Alabama with two others. The story features a young girl, Sophia, and her grandmother who work with the community of Magnolia Springs to help. The book teaches compassion, environmental stewardship and team work. Written by Simone and beautifully illustrated by Linda-Bell Schorer. Perfect for kids of all ages!


Cosmic Whales: Mystical Stories from the Sea. Journey with writer and photographer Simone Lipscomb as she interacts with whales, manatees, sea turtles, dolphins and sea lions. Through conscious intentions of love and compassion, she builds bridges between nature and humanity and encourages others to do the same. 160 pages, 6 x 9, filled with color photographs.


Manatee Mindfulness and Other Wildlife Wisdom is a softcover book of beautiful photographs of wildlife of the Ocean featuring manatees. Each image is paired with a bit of wisdom from each animal. Perfect inspirational gift for friends, family and yourself. Size is 9 x 6, 72 pages.

This is Simone’s best-selling book….used in schools, corporate board rooms, yoga classes, healing and recovery programs.

This book is also available online from Save the Manatee Club. You can purchase from them and support their work.

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Franklin Anderson Gallery of Arts, Crystal River, Florida

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Coastal Art Center, Orange Beach, Alabama

Tacky Jacks, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Five Rivers Gift Shop, Mobile Bay Causeway, Spanish Fort, Alabama

Ashland Gallery, Mobile, Alabama

Cover Rich Mans Gold

More Than All the Rich Man’s Gold: Hafiz and the Nature Photography of Simone Lipscomb. Hafiz translations by Thomas Rain Crowe and Simone’s images.

e-Book format for all electronic devices. Purchase by clicking on the ‘buy now’ link. $4.99


The Gulf Oil Spill Story is a children’s book for kids of all ages. This illustrated rhyme offers a powerful message of planetary stewardship. Published by Turtle Island Adventures. Softcover, 64 pages, 10″ x 8.5″.  ISBN 978-1-4507-7614-1 Purchase at Simone’s Online Store or purchase an electronic version by visiting the link below.


For E-book format at a price of $3.99 please use this link.


“Simone has paired some of her excellent photographs with her personal insights and thoughts to create a fascinating book. It goes beyond her beautiful images to strike a chord with anyone interested and concerned about the Earth on which we live.” –Tim Barnwell, photographer and author of The Face of Appalachia. Purchase at Simone’s Online Store

Hardcover, 136 pages, 9.5″ x 7″  Published by Turtle Island Adventures.

ISBN 978-1-4507-1810-3


“Read Sharks On My Fin Tips for its wisdom and inspiration, for its imagery and lyrical language, for the stories of excitement and adventure. All excellent reasons. But what Simone’s book is really about is what it means to be truly alive. I dare anyone to read this book and not feel that.” –Thom Rutledge, author of Embracing Fear: How to Turn What Scares Us into Our Greatest Gift

Softcover, 160 pages, 6″ x 9″ Published by Grateful Steps Publishing House, Asheville, NC. This book available from publisher.

“Simone’s writing and photography show a worshipful attitude towards creation. Whether it is describing an underwater cathedral or photographing a flower, that message comes through. We use the cliche in publishing: “Show, don’t tell.” Simone shows–using both words and images–the sacredness around us and inspires us to see more.” Micki Cabaniss Eutsler, Publisher