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Love…Fierce, Strong Love

On Saturday I was stopped at a traffic signal at a major intersection in a small town and several individuals Read More →

Divine Madness

The sharp click of metal on metal as my cleats clipped into the pedal reverberated in the foggy air–silence broken Read More →

REvolution of Love

The moist, cool breeze enveloped me as I pedaled through the live oaks and pines of the woods. Goldenrods and Read More →

Journey of an Inch

The past couple of weeks have been difficult. And this past week….it felt like a storm of physical, mental, and Read More →

I See the Light in You

The mind is a powerful tool. Many times we forget how our thoughts, especially thoughts charged with emotion, can affect Read More →

Be the Light

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” My pen scribbled notes as I watched Read More →

Honoring Magnolia & Manatees

Volunteering for the love of manatees is amazing and life-changing experience. Thank you community of Magnolia Springs, Alabama! You are Read More →

Divine Madness

Divine Madness: Following my heart’s vision…no matter how crazy it seems, no matter what fear whispers in my ear…daring to Read More →

Leaping Off the Cliff

Today I wrote a friend, “I feel a nudge to fly off the cliff….my toes are hanging over the edge Read More →


I sit drinking hot tea while listening to bowhead whale song. It touches that place in me where wildness resides, Read More →