Courtyard bloomer...Image by Simone
Courtyard bloomer

I know I’m paying attention when I see the fine ‘hairs’ on the stems and petals of flowers. Or notice the grains of pollen resting on a petal after being released by a pollinator’s visit or a burst of March wind.

Ready to blossom...Image by Simone
Ready to blossom

I know I’m going slow enough when I see the details of life. For it is there that I realize and become aware of the depth of beauty around me.

University of Texas Arlington photo
University of Texas Arlington photo

Once a little green snake drank from a saucer of water my partner held for it. That moment of caring for such a small creature held such tenderness, such compassion. The details of daily moments, so precious. Such treasures.

Stargazer lily
Stargazer lily

When I allow myself to look deeper, to see with eyes of a student, nature has so much to share…to teach. Such loveliness to touch.

Orchid faces....always make me smile
Orchid faces….always make me smile

Orchids share their unique personalities with the details of their blossoms. Every opportunity I have to photograph them I feel lighter and happier. The faces I see in each blossom bring such joy.

Velvety petals

Life is a little softer, a little kinder when I take time to notice the details and embrace the moments to interact with beauty that nature offers. Some of these experiences will remain in my heart throughout my life.

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