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Tarpon Buzz and Turtle Love

The sun set over the mountains far from our entry point. Golden sky glowed with lingering day as night descended. Read More →

A Little More Kindness

Journal entry from 8am this morning: My hands are still damp, I’m still in my wetsuit, but I wanted to Read More →

Floating in a Kaleidoscope

The second dive today I found myself alone with no other divers around me. That’s not a bad thing…I enjoy Read More →

No Ego Needed

The weekend before the New Year found me in Cave Country–North Florida–once again. I was drawn there to take a Read More →


The last time I was in an underwater cave was April 6th, 2010. Over three and one-half years ago I Read More →

A Scuba Sort of Day

I’m not sure what the stars are doing or what planets are aligned where but today has been a day Read More →

Renaissance of the Self

The use of underwater breathing apparatus was referenced in medieval codices. Then Leonardo Di Vinci used his studies of lungs Read More →

A Little Shark Love

Sharks have been in the news lately. Or perhaps the lack of sharks has been in the news. It is Read More →

Seeing with Different Eyes

My artist cousin invited me to an art opening in Pensacola….an underwater photographer had an exhibition opening at Pensacola State Read More →

What Would You Do?

None of us like to think about it but the truth is this: The moment we are born, we begin Read More →