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We find magnificent patterns in nature…sand ripples, turtle shells, leaf structure, rock formations…an endless list. There are the patterns of Read More →

Crossroads….Thirty Years

Thirty years ago I stepped onto a conscious path of personal development. That sounds so neat and clean. In reality, Read More →

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The brain is an amazing organ upon which we depend for survival. It’s like the movie director of the body Read More →

Leaping Off the Cliff

Today I wrote a friend, “I feel a nudge to fly off the cliff….my toes are hanging over the edge Read More →


I sit drinking hot tea while listening to bowhead whale song. It touches that place in me where wildness resides, Read More →

Dancing in the Fire…Part 2

  A couple days ago the idea of self-transformation, dance, and opening the heart prompted me to write a post. Read More →

Artist of the Spirit

A long time ago I had a teacher ask me to write my personal myth. I wrote about what I Read More →

I Stopped Trying to Save the World Today

Solstice. Sunrise. Sunset. Moon. Stars. Inky blackness in a space vacuum pierced by pinpoints of light. Cosmic glue. Love. Source. Read More →

A Wild Heart Always Has Hope

Stanley Kubrick awakened me this morning in his attempt to snuggle closer. My orange tabby and his sisters missed me Read More →

Song of Life

The white sand felt cool on my feet as I stepped out of my flip flops at the bottom of Read More →