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Through twisted, rough bark trunks a curtain of rain falls.

Life-giving source, just across the way, drenching grasses green with life.

Teasing me, I ask politely, Please come. The flowers are thirsty.

It dances just over the fence as sunlight sparkles through it.

I’ll sing and play my flute for you. Finally a drop splats nearby.

Then another and another so I play louder and faster, my fingers dancing now.

I hear joyous laughter of flowers deliriously drunk on moisture.

The leafy plants sing, rejoicing in gratitude for life-giving, blessed water.

Buddy watches from the porch, grateful his dog fur is dry.

Building an Ark…and Other Rainy Day Ideas

Building an Ark…and Other Rainy Day Ideas

Orange Grove at Peacock Springs State Park...water covering lower platform
Orange Grove at Peacock Springs State Park…water completely covering lower platform and nearly to upper platform

We have had a LOT of rain lately. So has Florida. Photos I took last week of my favorite cave diving site inundated with river water and duck weed prove that. It has officially rained so much my brain feels waterlogged.

Radar from 3am.
Radar from 3am

It stated here about 3am with loud ka-booms in the distance. For the next 90 minutes lightning never seemed to turn off. And the rain was torrential.

A break this morning gave a window of opportunity to drive to Pure Barre in Daphne for a workout. The cloud cover, sprinkles all day and general threat of more weather has made for a very lazy day. The small bit of work accomplished included balancing my check book and vacuuming the house. Otherwise I have felt completely content with dreaming up ideas…like building an ark, creating a video of the top ten items that float down the Magnolia River in a flood and what to do when the frog armies demand quarters in my home due to high water outside.

5pm radar...looks about the same as 3am.
5pm radar…looks about the same as 3am.

With frequent lightning, being productive on the computer isn’t much of an option. I’m behind in uploading photographs and filing them and backing them up but my computer remains unplugged…safely unplugged.

So I hunker down with my cat buddies and await the passing of the storms. Sometimes that’s the best thing we can do…simply await the passing of the storm and move forward when the coast is clear.

SimoneLipscomb (3)The coming of this down-time is perfect after a potent week. Now comes the time for assessing the next step and cultivating a plan. So thank you rain. While I don’t intend to build an ark, there are others radical ideas brewing.