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And Then There Was Silence

Today I was presenting a workshop on relieving stress through connection with nature. At one point participants were paired and Read More →

Down to the River…to Pray, to Laugh

It was 48 degrees when I got up and started my day at 5am. I had to wait two hours Read More →

The Language of Nature

This past summer I deepened my understanding of nature. The challenge I find now is conveying, in words, the lessons Read More →

Absorbing the Rain….And Other Blessings

It started raining yesterday afternoon and continued on and off through the night. This morning it poured. The metal roof Read More →

Merrily, Merrily…Life is But a Dream

This morning the wind was painting the clear blue sky with wisps of white–feathery clouds that floated overhead as I Read More →

Hello World*

It’s not the most ideal day to be born but when you are a sea turtle, you deal with whatever Read More →

As Above, So Below

After a couple days of rain and storms, the Gulf kicked up a bit and offered a show of light Read More →

Finding Balance in Working with Nature

I’m immersed in sea turtle research. Stacks of books lay scattered about my office and every time I open one Read More →

Moving Beyond Survival of the Fittest

I hadn’t heard the term in a while but it came up the other day–survival of the fittest (SOF). It Read More →

So Perfect the Night

The mother loggerhead heaved her massive body on to the white sand beach during a coastal thunderstorm and laid a Read More →