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Look Closer

Raindrops from the storm lingered on petals and fronds and green leaves, tender from their unfolding. As I wandered in Read More →

Garden Time

How much grass is in a bit of land eight feet by twenty feet? After three days of intermittent hard-core Read More →

Flower Power

Today words hanging within my mind and heart don’t need a public platform but rather a safe place to be Read More →


  I know I’m paying attention when I see the fine ‘hairs’ on the stems and petals of flowers. Or Read More →

To Be a Bromeliad Farmer….or Vulture Goddess?

I awakened to soft thuds overhead. Cat play on carpet. I had been dreaming of a white vulture soaring overhead Read More →

In Celebration of Rebirth

Insects humming and chirping outside the window tonight remind me of the cycles of life. Outrageous blooms at the Festival Read More →

The Intelligence of Flowers

Colorful with geometries and patterns that dazzle us humans, imagine what flowers do to their pollinators. I totally understand how Read More →

The Wisdom is Within

A dear friend of mine gifted me with an Amarilla kit for Christmas. When I opened the box to dig Read More →