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My World is Blue

Join me in celebrating World Ocean’s Day!

Wednesday at Sea

April Fool’s Day The sun rose from a calming sea. Purple-blue rain clouds hung low in the sky as light Read More →

Coyotes and Deer and Bears…Oh, MY!

This morning’s visit to my sacred grounds was off-the-chart with good soul medicine. With better light today, photography was easier. Read More →

Being Present with the Wind

I was standing in front of the mirror completing the process of getting ready to leave when I glanced down Read More →

Ik Rem Ook Voor Ezels

I brake for donkeys. There was no need to brake as I could hardly move so many donkeys were surrounding Read More →

Children…Our Hope

Tonight I spoke to my local community’s cub scout group. We gathered at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Chapel in Magnolia Read More →

Stay Wild

A whistling duck stood in the sand frantically flapping his wings while three other whistling ducks stood in a semi-circle Read More →

A Photographer’s Least Favorite Thing to Do

I am celebrating a huge project that was finished just today. For many years I have attempted to sort and Read More →

Wille Fay

Meet Willie Fay. Her story touched my heart and I couldn’t help but invite her into my home. Over three Read More →

I Choose Love

The past week’s meditations have been about connecting with animals…wildlife and domesticated. It has been challenging.¬†Once we determine to be Read More →