Our Best Friends

Our Best Friends

A while ago I posted a photograph of my dog, Buddy, on my FaceBook page and asked people to post photos of their dogs in the comments. I can’t remember feeling so good about a social media experience in a very long time.

Buddy is a deep-thinker. He’s always trying to figure out how to catch squirrels…jet pack? Parachute? Springs on his feet? Wings?

Friends I have known and others I’ve met only through social media shared images of their beloved canines and it made me smile all day long as I checked back and saw more dogs smiling back at me. Meeting their four-legged friends helped me know my human friends better.

I tell everyone who asks about my amazing dog Buddy that he is my very best friend. And it’s true. He is my faithful porch yoga pal…while his cat daughter bites my ankles during warrior three pose. He is faithful to me even if I’m in a bad mood or feel crappy. He always wags his tail and smiles at me when I am discombobulated. He has never let me down or formed judgments about me…and that’s not the case with the two-legged brand of friends sometimes.

In the social media post I suggested we send lots of love to our canine friends and I felt the love in a big way. It poured out onto the page. So I decided to create a collage of all the images and send it out to the bigger world of blog-land.

If you don’t have a dog, I’m sorry. They are the absolute best friends humans could ever want. My cat Tawanda doesn’t agree but then she rarely agrees with anything I say.

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