Open to the Flow

Open to the Flow

After diving two dives–one in crazy, high-flow current and a second shallow one in a slight current–I laid down to rest. I had been trying to process video files I took while underwater and kept falling asleep so decided to go with the flow…the theme of the past week.

As I drifted off to sleep I had the physical sensation of flying and a visual of being surrounded by blue ocean. My heart was open with my arms drifting behind as I allowed the flow to push me, heart-first, through the sea. Others were around me and our collective intention was to move through the Ocean with open hearts. It was as if we were in a sea of joy.

Then, as I continued to drift in my slumber, I saw purple ‘frames’ of a video where a turtle was eating a sponge in front of me. Gradually I turned into the turtle and was swimming and looking for a tasty sponge to eat.

This is how diving affects me. It taps something deep in my core and encourages the best of who I am to emerge and play in salt water bliss. Diving in strong currents, where drifting with the flow is the expectation, mirrors to me perfectly the best way to move through life. Fighting the natural, elemental flow of life only tires us and wears us down. Allowing the rhythm and flow of life to move us in its loving embrace is where sweetness is found.

May we awaken to this simple truth and allow ourselves to be open to the flow.

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