Look Closer

Raindrops from the storm lingered on petals and fronds and green leaves, tender from their unfolding. As I wandered in the courtyard, beneath the ancient limbs of Grandmother Oak Tree, I felt a keen pull to look closer at the velvety petals of rain-washed flowers with my macro lens.

Recently I commented to a friend that my photography is how I explore life, especially nature. It’sĀ about being present with wildlife, plant life…humans…and learning from them. What is their story? To what depths of inner reflection and awareness can they take me?

It’s easy to overlook the details, to pass by the water droplets suspended on a tiny bug’s back as it tries to climb up the edge of a pansy petal, or miss the beauty that is small in statue but large in substance. But if you get the chance, always….always look closer.


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