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Muddy Toes…Happy Heart

As soon as I stepped onto my SUP board, a large shadow passed overhead. Wings gliding through air were so Read More →

Elders Enduring

My last full day in Bonaire I rented a truck and drove through the north part of the island. As Read More →

Awakening from the Dream

It was a dark and cloudy night. I was riding my bicycle in the mountains and had followed a friend Read More →

Show the Way

I sat with tears rolling down my face as the words and music wound through the atmosphere of the open Read More →

Heal the Planet, Heal Ourselves?

A beautiful documentary film, With One Voice, created a flurry of excitement as I grabbed paper and pen to take Read More →

The Seeds We Plant

As the elliptical trainer whirled and my heart rate increased, my mind calmed. This rainy morning forced an indoor workout Read More →

In Training: Learning from the Animals

Two days of passively observing brown pelicans at very close proximity helped me get through Basic Orientation: Animal Life 101. Read More →

My Life as a Pelican

The past two days have been a crash course in how to be a pelican. I’ve learned how to preen Read More →

Fat Tuesday

I was standing at Lulu’s Homeport in Gulf Shores, Alabama, listening to a band play a traditional Mardi Gras tune Read More →


It is no secret to anyone who knows me that my best friends are finned or flippered, feathered or furred. Read More →