Another World


When I attempt to write about the experience of being surrounded by thirty-three dolphins, it feels as if it’s contained Read More →

Blissed Out


I felt a nudge against my arm as I slowly swam with a group of spotted dolphins. I glanced to Read More →

Mandala of the Heart

Later I got out my camera and captured one photo from the day...and it was enough.

We were heading out to visit the dolphins and I found a quiet place at the front of the boat. Read More →

Lessons from a Sting Ray


Taking underwater photographs in bad viz is not something I’d normally attempt. Murky water and strobes yield backscatter. But when Read More →

Dolphin Dream Time


When I attempt to write about yesterday’s dolphin encounter…it’s challenging. I remember the sleek bottlenose and spotted dolphins swimming among Read More →

Outside My Comfort Zone


“So where’s first class?” The diva walked on to the 40 seat prop plane and stared in disbelief. The low Read More →

Where’s My Ice Axe?


It was an interesting travel day. Just the diving + underwater photography and the gear penalty that comes from that Read More →



Thunderheads were building in the distance as I walked down to the beach with my tripod and camera gear. After Read More →

The Interview

Barbra Anderson interviewed me while on the humpback whale trip last February about the work I do. Watch the video Read More →

This is Love


Trying to communicate love isn’t always easy. The word has so many different meanings. For some, it means sex. For Read More →