Artist of the Spirit


A long time ago I had a teacher ask me to write my personal myth. I wrote about what I Read More →

Planet Ocean

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Seventy-one percent of our planet is water. Two hundred miles offshore from each land mass we find international waters; therefore, Read More →

Motivation to Move

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The engine of the car idling a few feet from my head brought me back to the present moment. I Read More →

How Can I Keep From….Smiling

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I felt the dolphins before I parked my car. Before my feet reached the sugar-white sand or my face felt Read More →

Lessons from an Elephant in Bondage


The story had been circulating through Facebook for about a week now and I had been avoiding it because I Read More →

Water Planet

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Things I Don’t Understand

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Looking at the dwindling health of the planet has me scratching my head in confusion. During my sea turtle volunteer Read More →

I Stopped Trying to Save the World Today (10)

Solstice. Sunrise. Sunset. Moon. Stars. Inky blackness in a space vacuum pierced by pinpoints of light. Cosmic glue. Love. Source. Read More →

Bloom Where You Are Planted (2)

A tiny sunflower is blooming in a large container where a gardenia calls home. It found its way there via Read More →

Loving the Earth (31)

Loving the Earth: Creating a Conscious Relationship with Our Planet A slight breezed carried my SUP board downriver as I Read More →