Finding Peace in a Broken World


This morning I read a Facebook post that included a long list of what politicians and oil companies have planned Read More →

Fog and Cold Water

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The final day of my re-wilding retreat began on Clingman’s Dome at an elevation of 6, 643 feet. The only Read More →

Coyotes and Deer and Bears…Oh, MY!

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This morning’s visit to my sacred grounds was off-the-chart with good soul medicine. With better light today, photography was easier. Read More →

Listening to Earth

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It’s quiet here. Or perhaps I should say it’s still here. In the pale, pre-dawn light, the soothing sounds of Read More →

Medicine for My Soul

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The heavy cloud-bank hugged the top of the mountains. Insubstantial in the physical realm, the ethereal beauty made it appear Read More →

Being Present with the Wind

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I was standing in front of the mirror completing the process of getting ready to leave when I glanced down Read More →

Staying Open

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Today was the last day of sunrise sea turtle patrol for me but I was fortunate in that I got Read More →

Do What You Can Do

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Last night I watched Mission Blue, a Netflix documentary on the Ocean…specifically on Sylvia Earle and her life’s work. While Read More →

The Beginning of Love

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I’ve kept journals for many years. At times I have a ceremonial burning as a way to release the past Read More →

Within The Earth

Cave entrance, Akumal, Mexico...coming again in October!

Weightless in clear, fresh water within the Earth is where I found myself this afternoon. I feel so grounded and Read More →