Wild Mermaid Tales

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A week has passed and sadly I must pack away my mermaid gear and make the journey back from Poseidon’s Read More →

Iguana Moon

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The full moon called me to the sea. It was early this morning, before the sun peeked out from the Read More →

Mermaid Magic

The exit point after a quarter mile, one-way swim from out entry point.

The week continued with three fun dives today that advanced my mermaid-in-training efforts. Each was different and all were fun. Read More →

The Sea, Beatitudes and Dawn

Sweet bird song awakens me and draws me outdoors. The sweet, salty air and soft waves reach out to me Read More →

Professor Octopus

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Third day of Advanced Mermaid Training. The Beast (new housing and strobes) and I are getting along very well and Read More →

Mermaid School

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Today’s class began once again before sunrise. Small green and black crabs clung to rocks covered with sea vegetation as Read More →

Mermaid Practice…Everything’s Okay

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Crystal-clear, warm saltwater caressed my feet and legs. In the gray, pre-dawn light I stood allowing gentle waves to wash Read More →

Be the Light

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“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” My pen scribbled notes as I watched Read More →

Message in a Bottle….#2


Sunrise sea turtle patrols have given so much beauty to me. Amazing colors, painted across vast expanses of salt water Read More →

Can Science, Common Sense & Compassion Co-Exist?

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The shell was still warm from saltwater. The perfectly formed brown and cream-colored swirls of calcium carbonate dried quickly in Read More →