Earth Celebration

SimoneLipscomb (17)

Today is the day we set aside to celebrate our beautiful planet…Earth….Gaia….Mother Earth…Pachamama…The Blue Planet. I’m sitting here in my Read More →

Two Days Before Earth Day

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Two days before Earth Day four years ago I was underwater. The strong taste of petroleum filled my mouth with Read More →

Soul Full of Music

Bill Kirchen

The morning began with a journey through my musical past as I pondered a question posed by a Facebook friend: Read More →

The Sacred in the Small


Yesterday the river was clear enough from recent rains to get out and enjoy a nice SUP board paddle. Recent Read More →

A Personal Odyssey

Time for another trip around the sun....

As I floated in the fresh, blue-tinted spring water I gazed into a sea of green leaves outlined by cerulean Read More →

Year of an Open Heart

Photograph by Jen Fraser

Today I celebrate my birthday. A while back I passed that half-century mark so this one isn’t a major milestone Read More →

A Pause to Consider

Goofing off with my Volvo pal.

After my morning workout I was driving home once the torrential rain had eased up. Evidence of it was everywhere–flooded Read More →

Desire is the Parent of Fear

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This was a morning of tears…intense tears welling up from the grief I carry within my heart for this planet…and Read More →

Shama Lama Ding Dong

photo 8

Precious little Willie Fay. Petit, wide-ass open, a ball of energy dressed in multi-colored fur. This is my friend, my Read More →

Zipping into Spring

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Over the past several years I have focused on tapping into creative energy through my writing and photography with the Read More →