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Bring in the Light

I awakened this morning thinking of the Solstice…yesterday’s Solstice.¬†Geez…I didn’t even mark the event, I thought but then quickly realized Read More →

Light Along the Path

Trying to define what I do for a new business card has been challenging. In my spiritual path I am Read More →

Turning Point

The dark, heavy energy has shifted. I’ve been sitting on my back porch listening to the rain, listening to distant Read More →

Breadcrumbs for Myself

Today I was sorting a pile of stuff in a wooden tray on my desk and found several little slips Read More →


It is no secret to anyone who knows me that my best friends are finned or flippered, feathered or furred. Read More →

Beauty is My Passion

Over the years there has been a narrowing of focus. I steadfastly have endeavored to serve and help humanity evolve, Read More →

Whose Story is it Anyway?

At the lunch table yesterday a discussion began… it actually continued from weeks ago. My friend Geshe Thupten Dorjee was Read More →

Alive in the World

As tornadoes roared over Mobile, just 30 miles west, and Christmas day came to a close, I realized that we Read More →

Enter the Light

I stood in the chilly air awaiting the dawn. Not just of a new day but a new way. As Read More →

Make Way for the Dreamers

We are the dreamers. Recognizing our connection to something greater than human-created rules and boundaries, our spirits know no limits. Read More →