Within The Earth

Cave entrance, Akumal, Mexico...coming again in October!

Cave entrance, Akumal, Mexico…coming again in October!

Weightless in clear, fresh water within the Earth is where I found myself this afternoon. I feel so grounded and joyful. And clear…really clear. I close my eyes are see arched limestone and layers of rippled sand in my mind. My body remembers the feeling of being weightless within the Earth. I feel changed, baptized in peace and grateful.

I also feel happy and excited to have the next trip on my calendar. Ready to celebrate this shared-love of cave diving with friends soon. But for now….I shall dream dreams of gliding weightless within the Earth. And I shall smile in my sleep.

Stalactite formations in a Mexico underwater cave.

Stalactite formations in a Mexico underwater cave.

Note: Florida caves are formed by underwater rivers or aquifers. Caves in Mexico were once dry caves and so they have gorgeous formations within them. Then…long ago…they flooded. So now, those of us lucky enough to dive them, float weightless through magical spires and columns of beauty that is almost unimaginable. 

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