The Smell of Money

The Smell of Money

Years ago my grandfather told me that the smell of cow manure or pig manure was the smell of money. It was one of the things we used to laugh about when driving along the country roads in coastal Alabama.

My mom emailed me this morning–she lives on Mobile Bay–and said the air had the stench of oil and neighbors living inland were calling to say they could smell it at their homes. It’s the smell of money, at least for the oil companies. That’s the smell that will permeate the entire region for months and most likely years.

May every whiff of oil be a reminder of the cost we pay, the cost the environment and animals pay, for offshore oil drilling. May we remember to demand oil companies use safety features that can prevent such catastrophic events no matter what the cost to the oil company. May the smell of money force us out of our collective complacency to stand up for what is dear to us, for what is important and worth the effort.

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  1. I think that you have echoed our sentiments to the fullest. Nothing else can be said but prayers.


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