The Creative Process

simonelipscomb (3)It’s messy, never linear, filled with interruptions and unexpected flashes of inspiration. And unexpected help…I cannot forget his help or Stanley would protest. My orange tabby friend is negotiating co-author status on the new book in process.

Today’s substantial rainfall prompted me to hunker-down and bring the outline of my book into form and to set up the ebook formatting…not my favorite part of the creative process….but a necessary one. The energy of this project is pushing me to create the form that will contain it. I got a good lesson in that ability last night.

I sat on the front row of an intimate Ben Taylor concert and marveled at his talent…not just his songwriting, singing and guitar-playing but the ability to create through electronic gadgetry. Observing his process inspired me to move forward courageously. He balanced the music flowing through him with knowledge of how to operate his toys. It seemed a perfect balance of passion and flow.

simonelipscomb (5)And speaking of flow–during a break from the torrential water pouring from the sky, I needed a break so took a walk and saw the river near my home flowing wildly. If I wasn’t concerned about high bacteria counts that comes with flooding, I would have been tempted to don a life vest and take my SUP board out for a ride. And while I made the correct decision for safety, a girl can still dream of racing downriver using her paddle only for steering. Alas, my project called me back home and I resisted the temptation to allow distractions to change my focus.

a little friend greeted me on my walk to the river

a little friend greeted me on my walk to the river

During this rainy day, fits of writing and organizing the project were interrupted with much-needed breaks such as my walkabout. These times of movement and stimulus, away from the computer, kept the process fresh and exciting. And while assistance is always appreciated, I must say that it’s not always helpful. And yet having my arms filled with a loving little helper, the creative process was boosted to greater levels. Stanley approved of the music and dozed happily as I engaged in the process of birthing a new book.

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