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Paradise Right Here*

It was still dark as I pulled onto the highway and turned east. There, in the lightening sky hung venus Read More →

Be the Light

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” My pen scribbled notes as I watched Read More →

Creative Madness

He was working twelve to fourteen hour days in a creative surge to build a recording studio. But not just Read More →

The Face of Love

The sand is cold from a night of darkness. Starlight is still embedded in the crystalline grains. It lingers as Read More →

Music of the Spheres

The live oak tree forest was quiet and tucked away from the busyness of life yet held an outdoor stage Read More →

Who Squealed Louder?

A balmy 97% humidity made it feel as if I was paddling my SUP board through water instead of on Read More →

Soul Full of Music

The morning began with a journey through my musical past as I pondered a question posed by a Facebook friend: Read More →