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The Stones Speak

The Stones Speak

_tsl9187Day dawned dark with news from afar;

Earth, water no longer sacred?

Money won—gods of greed and tar.

Now civil rights mired in hatred.


To my knees I fell, sobs escaped my lips;

Oh, my God! Has sanity been eclipsed?


_tsl9288Darkness gathered and shadows grew.

Hope dimmed, panic began to rise.

My mind raced, whatever can I do?

Darkness comes in golden disguise.


A voice then came through, so clear and so loud:

“Go to the stones and walk among the clouds.”


_tsl9141My grief and I put on our boots

And went out in the cold and snow.

We stood with stones in armored suits

And listened as the wisdom flowed.


“It’s time to wake-up and see the truth here.

None of this matters in five thousand years.”


_tsl9304The stones spoke—ages, wars went by:

Ancient wisdom, patience and trust,

I saw time make the darkness fly.

Peace grew strong, swords crumbled in rust.


“This is a moment in time, a heart beat.

Cry your tears, but don’t forever you weep.”


_tsl9099The peace of snow and ancient times

Enfolded me with grace and calm.

I walked along those Druid lines

And there I found the sweetest balm.


“Wake up and shine and know love is the key.

This world can heal and be one, you will see.”