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Whale Dreams

The shiny, black, massive body rolls past in the choppy, blue sea. My mind and heart are filled with humpback Read More →

Honoring Magnolia & Manatees

Volunteering for the love of manatees is amazing and life-changing experience. Thank you community of Magnolia Springs, Alabama! You are Read More →

Creativity Unleashed

Just a few weeks ago there was a good bit of anxiety about stepping my photography up to another level Read More →

Water & Light

Translating nature’s beauty is why I do what I do. The reason I do this is two fold. First, it Read More →

Roots & Light

The manatees have left ‘the building.’ Warm weather has given my marine mammal friends an opportunity to forage for food Read More →

Leaping Off the Cliff

Today I wrote a friend, “I feel a nudge to fly off the cliff….my toes are hanging over the edge Read More →

The Face of Love

The sand is cold from a night of darkness. Starlight is still embedded in the crystalline grains. It lingers as Read More →

Dancing in the Fire

“His list was full of things enjoyed in the past yet cut out of his life. While I wasn’t listed, Read More →

Lesson from a Drop of Water

Imagine a drop of water clinging to a leaf over a still river. It desperately holds on to what is Read More →

We Are Instruments

The guitar and musician were within a few feet of me. His hands gently and purposefully changing frets and playing notes Read More →