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There’s an old joke that goes: How can you tell a happy motorcycle rider? She’s the one with bugs in Read More →


Elders, sages and mystics say that now is the time to awaken. The stars are in alignment, the planets are Read More →

Divine Madness

The sharp click of metal on metal as my cleats clipped into the pedal reverberated in the foggy air–silence broken Read More →

More Wild Than Not

Blinking letters on the large, portable sign made me snarl: Controlled Burn Gulf State Park. I felt my bicycle wiggle Read More →

REvolution of Love

The moist, cool breeze enveloped me as I pedaled through the live oaks and pines of the woods. Goldenrods and Read More →

Floating in Beauty

After my morning workout I knelt beside one of my large crystal singing bowls and began to play it…a dedication Read More →

The Gift of Laughter

The golden moon glade glittered brilliantly on the smooth sea. Flat, calm with only the slightest stirring of the surface, Read More →

Stealth Cycling

The orange orb of dawn had just peeped over the horizon when I turned from the roadside trail into the Read More →

Chasing Sunrise…Backcountry Communion

Today I attended Hugh’s celebration of life service and wanted to share this post from last autumn. Thank you Hugh Read More →

The New Normal

The usual situation of having at least three books going at once gave a strange coincidence last week. On the Read More →