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A First-Grader Teaches Me

I left my home early this morning on my way to Fort Morgan Ferry via a stop-over at a beach Read More →

From Bog to Beach

The crisp dawn air was a shock. What happened to spring? But soon the chill was forgotten as I found Read More →

Celebrating Life

The sun illuminated the water of Perdido Bay a soft magenta…no pink…no purple as it set. It was a glorious Read More →

The Wild Wind

As I walked through the neighborhood this morning, wind was gusting outrageously. I was listening to music on my iPod Read More →

Of Light and Trees

Just after six this morning I raised the shade on my window. Heavy mist from the cow pond next door Read More →

April Fool?

I was beginning to think it was a bad April Fool’s joke. I was standing on the beach asking the Read More →

A Wild Heart

Nothing is more vital than a wild heart. When we lose that, we’ve lost our connection to the untamed, the Read More →

A Living Shoreline

On April 6th volunteers working with The Nature Conservancy, The Ocean Foundation, Restore Coastal Alabama, Alabama Coastal Foundation and Mobile Read More →


  I know I’m paying attention when I see the fine ‘hairs’ on the stems and petals of flowers. Or Read More →

Chair of Surrender

After two days of rather strenous yard work I found myself listening to a guided meditation this afternoon in a Read More →