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The Good Stuff Moves Closer

The past three weeks have been incredibly difficult but I’m not whining. Simply stating a fact. The frustration has been Read More →

Before the Dawn

The Earth issues an invitation to commune with the light. Each Sunday morning I answer by rising before dawn and Read More →

Breakfast with the Ospreys

I’ve been watching the Osprey family on Magnolia River raise their young. Two beautiful fledglings are the result of loving Read More →

Tides Are Turning

I can almost hear the squeaking, grinding gears of the cogs of the old machinery as it begins to come Read More →

Letting Go Versus Giving Up

The past two mornings on the river paddling my SUP board brought unexpected encounters. Two days ago I was squatting Read More →

Light Along the Path

Trying to define what I do for a new business card has been challenging. In my spiritual path I am Read More →

NEEDED!!: More Time In Nature

Last week began the transfer of my blog to self-hosting and my website to my blog so a marriage could Read More →

Elders Enduring

My last full day in Bonaire I rented a truck and drove through the north part of the island. As Read More →

The Wild, Wild Heart

I rented a truck in Bonaire and drove up by myself into the national park. It was the first time Read More →

Still Room for Hope

The morning began by a walk to the water before sunrise while the silver light of the waning moon still Read More →