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Dare to Look Closer–Update on the Gulf of Mexico

Today was my first day back at the Gulf Coast since mid-September. After torrential rains last night, the day cleared Read More →

Orion Peeking Through Leaves

I awoke before sunrise and did my usual greeting to the mountains from my deck. As I stuck my head Read More →

From Fort Morgan to Fort Pickens

Today I visited the Fort Morgan, Alabama, beach and other beaches along the route to Fort Pickens in Gulf Breeze Read More →

Gulf Coast Update–Day 1

It has been six weeks since I last visited the Gulf Coast. I have been documenting sensitive shore areas since Read More →

Diamonds in the Web

Rain continued through the night and I awoke to the wonderful sound of droplets falling from leaves. Fog wrapped the Read More →


The cool dawn called to me this morning. In the gray light, before the sun peeked over the mountains, I Read More →