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Threshold Friend

It’s not about what I¬†should do. It’s about what my passion calls me to with such force and magnetism that Read More →

The Connection

Floating motionless in the water I waited. She must have felt my invitation as she slowly turned and swam toward Read More →


The clock proclaimed sunrise but heavy clouds hung close so dawn’s light was slow to brighten the day. Silently I Read More →

Eye Contact

While hovering over a coral reef in the Caribbean, I spot a blenny. The small fish, perhaps an inch long Read More →

Finding Eden

Two days ago I passed the tunnel. Actually, it was a large culvert, partially filled with water, that goes under Read More →

Honoring Magnolia & Manatees

Volunteering for the love of manatees is amazing and life-changing experience. Thank you community of Magnolia Springs, Alabama! You are Read More →

Creativity Unleashed

Just a few weeks ago there was a good bit of anxiety about stepping my photography up to another level Read More →

Manatee Video

Click the title link to watch the video.

Signs and Open Doors

Last week was one of the most powerful weeks of my life. After I got home I started counting up Read More →


I sit drinking hot tea while listening to bowhead whale song. It touches that place in me where wildness resides, Read More →