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Miracles Amidst the Flood

My muddy boot bumped the bulkhead as I stepped up. It sounded like a bubble escaped from the soggy soil Read More →

Two Days Before Earth Day

Two days before Earth Day four years ago I was underwater. The strong taste of petroleum filled my mouth with Read More →

Muddy Toes…Happy Heart

As soon as I stepped onto my SUP board, a large shadow passed overhead. Wings gliding through air were so Read More →

Eagles, Sandhill Cranes….Abundant Beauty

It was a most glorious day here along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Sun was abundant and the temperature may have Read More →

Paradise Awaits

I glanced up as an eagle snatched a fish from the water and flew away. Did I just see that? I Read More →

Flashes of Insight Come as Floods

Today I’ve been reflecting on the river I paddled on yesterday morning. I usually walk my SUP board from my Read More →

Breakfast with the Ospreys

I’ve been watching the Osprey family on Magnolia River raise their young. Two beautiful fledglings are the result of loving Read More →

Letting Go Versus Giving Up

The past two mornings on the river paddling my SUP board brought unexpected encounters. Two days ago I was squatting Read More →

Staying Present with the Big Picture

It was absolutely still when I pushed my SUP board out into the slowly flowing river. No wind stirred the Read More →

Afternoon on the River

My SUP boarding workout is usually early in the mornings. It is like meditation and a core workout at the Read More →