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Keepers of the Light

People who tended lighthouses were referred to as keepers of light. They maintained lights that kept ships from crashing onto Read More →

You Open Me

The Gulf has been calling me lately and so my cycling mornings have included a visit to Her as the Read More →

Waiting for Light

I was seated on my mat waiting for class to begin. Behind me I heard a voice whisper, “I love Read More →

I See the Light in You

The mind is a powerful tool. Many times we forget how our thoughts, especially thoughts charged with emotion, can affect Read More →

I Stopped Trying to Save the World Today

Solstice. Sunrise. Sunset. Moon. Stars. Inky blackness in a space vacuum pierced by pinpoints of light. Cosmic glue. Love. Source. Read More →

Light of the Soul

Seeing the light of a person’s soul is one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever known. He had a Read More →

Bring in the Light

I awakened this morning thinking of the Solstice…yesterday’s Solstice.¬†Geez…I didn’t even mark the event, I thought but then quickly realized Read More →

Making a Difference

Several weeks ago I met my friend in the Smoky Mountains for an afternoon photography shoot. As we drove through Read More →

Running Toward the Light

When I opened the curtains and door to the porch off my bedroom this morning the light was a soft, Read More →

Of Light and Trees

Just after six this morning I raised the shade on my window. Heavy mist from the cow pond next door Read More →