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Just Another Magic Monday

Just Another Magic Monday

The process of giving up television has given the gift of showing just how much it and other mindless past times have separated me from life, from a deeper connection with my Higher Self…the spiritual self…the soul. I have discovered, through this process, that I have used mindless television-watching—even though I didn’t watch that much—to numb myself from life. I used it as a way to cut myself off from a voice within that wanted to come out and sing, speak, play. I had no idea….but then I discovered it wasn’t only television….it was anything that put me on auto-pilot and that included books I had read many times before, favorite movies. As I tracked myself I became more aware of the distractions I used to keep my inner voice quiet.

After culling TV, I recently pulled up a completely mindless book I’ve read several times simply as a pacifier, something to take the edge off, to dampen that inner ‘something’ that wanted to happen. My excuse was, I know there is something calling me but I don’t know what to do. The problem was I was thinking of the solution as being something I had to ‘do’ instead of simply being still and listening.

So this morning the pouring rain and storms kept me off my bicycle. Couldn’t even do front porch yoga due to lightning. What to DO….what to DO!??! That voice within found a way to tap my mind and suggested I dedicate this day to listening and not distracting myself. Why not?


I went upstairs to the gathering room where I meditate, where women’s drum circles are held, and dialed into stillness. I began drumming and an inner journey began.

I saw myself inside a shell…something between an egg and a chrysalis. I have been feeling this shell-like structure around me for several days so wasn’t surprised to see it in the meditation. A crack started at the top and went to the bottom, opening the shell. I saw myself with butterfly wings at first, with brilliant colors, and then I morphed into a Pegasus horse with wings that had a slight rainbow tint.

In the journey, I flew from my home in coastal Alabama to a place near Chimney Rock, North Carolina…a wooded place. It was amazing and perfect for me.

When the journey was complete I offered gratitude and went downstairs for lunch. I began researching Pegasus and found his father was Poseidon, god of the sea—that’s rather appropriate for me—and his mother was Medusa, the goddess that had hair made of snakes…and onlookers turned to stone if they looked at her. Pegasus was born from her blood when her head was cut off.

As I looked at the bottom of the search page it listed my search origin location as Chimney Rock, North Carolina. I had been there in the journey, no doubt, but at that particular moment my body and phone were sitting in my home in Magnolia Springs…Alabama.

Then one of the pages about Pegasus had a rainbow background…reminding me of the rainbow colors of myself as Pegasus. Oh, and let’s not forget the walk I did after lunch with my dog Buddy. As we went under a magnolia tree I saw a cicada shell and the freshly hatched insect known as a translucent cicada… with beautiful wings drying in the air. I had the exact same experience in the journey as my wings dried after ‘I’ hatched from the hard shell.

The Bangles song, Manic Monday, came to mind but with a new title: Just Another Magic Monday.It seemed that taking the step to put aside anything that distracts me from inner experiences wanting to be birthed was worth it. Synchronicities were popping like lighting bolts that filled the sky earlier in the day.

How would our lives change if we put the beautiful, sacred self as a priority and stopped trying to cut off its voice…with television, news, social media, mindless books, arguing about who’s right and who’s wrong? Just one morning of doing this resulted in amazing experiences and clarity and…quite honestly…a big dose of WOW!

One other bit of information came to me about Pegasus. He has always been in service to poets. I reflected back to my recent writing about Freddie Mercury and living your life purpose. When I feel most aligned with the reason I came into this life is when I can take an experience and titrate it down into magical words of poetry. So…welcome Pegasus. I think it’s time we work together.

Patrick Kavanagh, an Irish poet, wrote one of my most favorite poems, Pegasus. Perhaps this poem, more than anything, explains the meaning of seeing myself break free as Pegasus in the journey.


My soul was an old horse

Offered for sale in twenty fairs.

I offered him to the Church—the buyers

Were little men who feared his unusual airs.

One said: ‘Let him remain unbid

In the wind and rain and hunger

Of sin and we will get him—

With the winkers thrown in—for nothing.’

Then the men of State looked at

What I’d brought for sale.

One minister wondering if

Another horse-body would fit the tail

That he’d kept for sentiment-

The relic of his own soul—

Said, ‘I will graze him in lieu of his labour.’

I let him for a week or more

And he came back a hurdle of bones,

Starved, overworked, in despair.

I nursed him on the roadside grass

To shape him for another fair.

I lowered my price. I stood him where

The broken-winded, spavined stand

And crooked shopkeepers said that he

Might do a season on the land—

But not for high-paid work in towns.

He’d do a tinker, possibly.

I begged, “O make some offer now,

A soul is a poor man’s tragedy.

He’ll draw your dungiest cart,’ I said,

‘Show you short cuts to Mass,

Teach weather lore, at night collect

Bad debts from poor men’s grass.’

And they would not.

Where the Tinkers quarrel I went down

With my horse, my soul.

I cried, ‘Who will bid me half a crown?’

From their rowdy bargaining

Not one turned. ‘Soul,’ I prayed,

‘I have hawked you through the world

Of Church and State and meanest trade.

But this evening, halter off,

Never again will it go on.

On the south side of ditches

There is grazing of the sun.

No more haggling with the world…’

As I said these words he grew

Wings upon his back. Now I may ride him

Every land my imagination knew.

Thread of the Soul’s Path

Thread of the Soul’s Path

simonelipscomb (7)A person dear to my heart made a decision years ago that many people were against. He chose to do it anyway but changed his mind a few months into his choice, most likely due to pressure from those of us who didn’t like it. A couple years later he again chose to take the path he had started down before and he has stayed with it. Courage to follow a thread of your soul’s path is vital once you make the decision to do it. It may not make sense to anyone but you, yet if  your soul is calling you, the only thing that makes sense is to listen and do it.

I was one of those silently objecting and questioning my friend’s decision. A war zone? The Middle East? Fear kept me from being able to fully support his path even though I did verbally. In reality I didn’t understand it. And today I feel baffled as to why I couldn’t see how perfect this was for him. He loved his former job and when he retired he was unsatisfied. He has a strong belief in serving country and community and has a fascination with war movies and planes. It totally makes sense now as I reflect from a distance. He is in his element. Who am I, who is anyone to judge his choice….a path to which his soul lead him? It seems like a no-brainer.

How can we ever see what is right for another person? Every person has his or her unique connection to their soul. It’s a sacred contract between soul, body, and mind. Nobody has a right to interfere in that or doubt that wisdom. And yet we do it often. Why? Perhaps it makes us uncomfortable to see someone take risks. Or maybe it takes them away from us or we think it is dangerous. If a person gets hurt or dies doing what their soul called them to do then how is that wrong? We get so invested in deciding what is right for people we care about we forget that we don’t have a say in something that is between them and God.

Several years ago I inherited property and felt a very strong intuition to sell it. The choice was very unpopular with some who thought I should hold out to get more money, as the real estate market was ballooning. I listened to my inner voice, trusted it and sold the property at what I considered a fair price. Then the market bottomed out. Had I waited….well, that’s a story I don’t even want to consider. It took a lot of courage to tread a path for which others did not approve. But my life has been a series of these kinds of leaps of faith that are not always popular with others.

simonelipscomb (8)Why is it we believe we know what’s best for others? Why do we form judgements about choices others make? What keeps us from being unconditionally supportive of our friends, spouses, children about the paths they choose? Fear? Yes, but based in what? I believe it goes beyond fear to that dreaded culprit–ego. The ego believes it knows what’s best for everyone. And we all know that E G O really means…Edging God Out. Too often we want to be the guiding voice for others, negating their need and ability to figure it out on their own. (If they ask for our advice…then different story).

If I trust the Divine to speak to my heart then I can and must offer that same acknowledgement to everyone in my life. To do otherwise is to come from my own darkness…from judgement, opinion. Who can truly know the heart of another? Those words, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing…have a little faith in me,” ring in my mind today and I know I made a big mistake by not tossing my fear and ego out and trusting. Big mistake.

When we ask to grow and open ourselves to light and love, the light illuminates our darkness and we face it, clear it and awaken or we deny it and continue to wonder why everyone else is so screwed up. (Smile) When light shines within us and the veil is pulled away from our eyes we can see clearly, truly. Today I forgive myself for my inability to understand and trust. I celebrate the clarity that has arisen. I ask those whom I have judged or not trusted to forgive my mistakes. I make this promise to all friends and loved ones and all beings….I honor your path and the choices you make and accept them even if I don’t understand. I trust your connection with the Divine and your ability to clearly see the thread of your soul’s path as it invites you to give it a tug.

And….I celebrate your journey.

Whole Lot A Shakin’

Whole Lot A Shakin’

simonelipscombI was kneeling in the lush grass, removing my camera from the black leather bag when the minister said, “Let’s begin the rehearsal with a moment of prayer.” Since I was already kneeling I decided to remain on my knees and lift up my own prayers as mother-of-the-bride. It wasn’t mere chance that found me connected to the Earth Mother as we gathered to walk through the ceremony that would join my daughter and her fiancé as life parters…as wife and husband. I felt the strength of the Great Mother flow through me and surround Emily and Kevin and all who gathered that afternoon in the beauty of Dow Gardens. It was a continuation of an already powerful day.

Earlier that morning, while participating in a Pure Barre class with Em, my legs were shaking from fatigue (that’s what’s supposed to happen….but it’s quite challenging). As my knees were literally knocking together from the chair position I held on tip-toes at the barre, I wasn’t sure I would be able to hold the pose. The instructor reminded us that when our muscles shake it means they are changing. The truth of her statement struck a very deep chord within me that brought tears to my eyes.

simonelipscomb (3)The process of personal change and growth is far from easy. In fact, it’s the most difficult commitment anyone can make. It demands nothing less that complete willingness to look within at our behaviors and heal them so that we can move into a clearer expression of our true nature, our higher selves. This can generate a lot of fear and I remember many times when fear gripped me until I shook.

If you’re shaking you’re changing. Physically…emotionally….mentally…spiritually. That’s very reassuring…movement is a sign that progress is occurring.

simonelipscomb (5)Never would I have imagined that my daughter’s wedding could bring up so much emotion. Tender feelings of sacred love between mother and child, grief from choices made decades ago, joy for the love she has found, and a feeling of closing a huge chapter of growth in life so that I can move forward. Forgiving myself, forgiving others and celebrating the potential that life promises with an open heart.

simonelipscomb (2)Love does that. It shakes us to our core when we open ourselves to it. True love rips us open and our willingness to stay with the shaking, the terror of opening ourselves so widely that we heal is an act of courage. This love is found in all interpersonal relationships. Feeling such profound and vast love for my daughter has transformed me….and will continue to in the years ahead.

A Course in Miracles teaches this foundational truth: What is not love is fear. Twenty-eight years after first reading that statement it continues to deepen in meaning for me. Practicing this one, simple truth is worthy of a lifetime of work and dedication.

simonelipscomb (134)The beauty of Emily and Kevin’s ceremony reverberates within my mind and heart today as I allow space to feel the shift within myself and between us.  There was a whole lot a shakin’ goin’ on leading up to and during the past week, especially at the Pure Barre classes I took. Shaking physically opened up emotional pathways that unlocked freedom to love more deeply.

simonelipscomb (4)And perhaps the most wonderful thing of all is I didn’t lose my daughter. I truly gained a son.