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Staying Open

Today was the last day of sunrise sea turtle patrol for me but I was fortunate in that I got Read More →

The Beginning of Love

I’ve kept journals for many years. At times I have a ceremonial burning as a way to release the past Read More →

Within The Earth

Weightless in clear, fresh water within the Earth is where I found myself this afternoon. I feel so grounded and Read More →

Stars Over Alabama…Sea Turtles

The early evening was quite exquisite as it unfolded from layers of colors painting the sky. A steady but gentle Read More →

How Do I Love?

The Sunday morning sea turtle patrol began so soft, so beautiful. Arriving at the east end of the wildlife refuge, Read More →

Making Peace with the River

The only ripples on the surface of the water were those created by mullet, alligator gars and other fish schooling. Read More →


Toes trip on toes. Destination matters not. Stop and rest. It’s dark anyway. Shhhh…. My heart wants to speak. Stop. Read More →

Planet Ocean

Seventy-one percent of our planet is water. Two hundred miles offshore from each land mass we find international waters; therefore, Read More →

How Can I Keep From….Smiling

I felt the dolphins before I parked my car. Before my feet reached the sugar-white sand or my face felt Read More →

Lessons from an Elephant in Bondage

The story had been circulating through Facebook for about a week now and I had been avoiding it because I Read More →