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The Thrasher

The Thrasher

It was dead in the bike lane

stiff from spirit’s leaving.


I pedaled past but couldn’t

leave prayers unsaid.


Couldn’t leave without words

honoring the brown and white

feathers and beauty once ensouled

in a small body capable of flight.


I scooped her up, head resting

on padded glove, fingers free

to feel the exquisite softness of

feathers now covering a lifeless form.


I took her down the hill to the small grove

of live oaks, somehow spared the

developers dozer.


A fork in the sturdy tree became

the final resting place for the

innocent thrasher.


I hope there was no nest

of hungry babes awaiting

the next feeding.


And if so may their hunger

be sated by a swift and sweet

passage into that other world

of Spirit where all is well.


Simone Lipscomb

For the Thrasher on the Beach Highway, Orange Beach, Alabama




There is a beginning

a middle

and an end.

We have no say

in how long

we stay

in the middle…

but how sacred,

how wondrous

is that time.

Celebration at the beginning,

Sadness at the end.

In the middle is

where love grows.

Let not this ending

erase the totality

of beauty and magic

this amazing soul

brought to everyone

who knew her.


I woke up the morning after a dear friend’s sister passed with this poem rumbling around inside. I sleepily reached for paper and pen while repeating the words as they knocked against my mind.

Roberta was a beautiful soul who did so much for the Miami community. She brought people together and they loved her for it. Her passing was a shock. It was as if a bright lamp in a lighthouse was suddenly extinguished.

I decided to share this poem because too often we forget the positive effect we have on the lives of others. Lately, life has really held me in a vise grip and I have doubted my work, path….all of it. It’s been a time of deep soul searching.

Today, a friend of mine shared how much she appreciated my writing and photography and what it means to her and how much she loves me. Tears flowed as we shared. Eydie has been a constant support and cheerleader for me here on the Alabama coast. She has championed my work like none other here.

We never know how our efforts in the world will create something that touches another person and truly, it’s not any of our business how it is received. Our only task is to listen to the call of our heart and follow its promptings. And then simply let it go.

We are all here in the middle….together. Shall we recognize the beauty and magic within ourselves and in others? Shall we begin now?