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Blessings, Forgiveness and Endorphins

The workout pushed me to my limit and somehow I pushed through. As we began our final stretches the instructor Read More →

Building Walls or Building Bridges?

Walls of steel…walls of stone…..wooden walls…walls of fog…icy walls…emotional walls. To protect….set apart…keep safe…isolate…obscure. Who among us hasn’t constructed a Read More →

What is the Earth Worth to You?

A few days ago I visited a high school classroom where I presented a program on recycling. The teacher sponsors Read More →

The Yin and Yang of Energy Production

The general tendency for humans is to not change until we are forced to…mainly because we don’t want to deal Read More →

Fire in the Heart

Sometimes the biggest lesson comes from the smallest creature. Last night a sea turtle hatchling that had been attempting to Read More →

This is the Wound

The ¬†wound we all carry is that we feel separated from the cosmos.” This was Otto Rank’s conclusion. Thomas Berry¬†believed Read More →

No Longer Stuck in the Muck

Have you ever been stuck? The kind of stuck where your axels are mired in mud and nothing will budge Read More →


I watched a movie on Netflix called, The Chosen One. It was about a man who was struggling with his Read More →

It’s the Little Things….

I wasn’t really sure why the idea of a retreat to the Smoky Mountains came to me. I had been Read More →

Make Way for the Dreamers

We are the dreamers. Recognizing our connection to something greater than human-created rules and boundaries, our spirits know no limits. Read More →