Shama Lama Ding Dong

Shama Lama Ding Dong

photo 8Precious little Willie Fay. Petit, wide-ass open, a ball of energy dressed in multi-colored fur. This is my friend, my companion who entertains me with antics sure to stress the calmest cat mom.

Months ago she leaped on to the railing at the top of the stairs and unlike her more agile orange tabby brother, fell to the hardwood floor below. A fall of 12 feet would probably send me to the ER but Willie Fay just shook her head and trotted off to find more mischief.

They look innocent...but only in rare moments.
They look innocent…but only in rare moments.

Last night I was sitting on my office floor working on a project and WF and her brother Stanley were romping and playing all around me, using my body as part of their crazy hide-and-seek game of chase. Willie progressively escalated to her psychotic bouncing and running and ran out of my office, on to the upstairs landing, up on the large, wooden chest and leaped onto the railing…again. Her forward momentum carried her over as Stanley and I looked at each other while listening to her bounce off of the old church pew below before hitting the floor.

The house got deathly quiet. Gracie, my more civilized gray-with-orange-spots kitty friend, was glued to the floor as I bounded down the steps calling for WF. Stanley quickly followed. It was a kitty emergency. Someone’s fallen and…..

photo 9I found Willie under my dining table holding her right paw up and looking quite surprised. Gently I cradled her as I followed the line of her spine…good. Then carefully traced each leg….okay. Carefully probing her body while she patiently waited for me to finish. She was okay.

I immediately thought of the song Otis Redding did in Animal House. (Gee…I wonder why). Not just a ding dong…but a shama lama ding dong!

photo 5“If I searched this whole wide world, I’d never, never, never find me a girl who’d love me the way that you do. Cuz you’re Shama lama huh in the rama lama ding dong. Baby huh. You put the Ooh my my(oh, oh, oh) back into my smile child. Hey! hey That is why, that is why, You are my shooby dooby doo. And I love this love we share, it’s stronger than the other. No one else can compare. Stronger than the highest mountain and the deepest sea. Shama lama, in the rama lama Ding dong, baby. You put the ooh my my (oh, oh, oh) back into my smile child. That is why. That is why You are my shooby dooby doo.”

Otis Redding  may have been singing about his lady love. I’m singing about my crazy little cat girl whose silly antics make me laugh but take years off my happy life. She is my crazy, shama lama…DING DONG! Who is your shama lama ding dong?

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  1. I could just visualize the kitties in action. Made me smile in the middle of a hectic work day!


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