Dive deep within yourself to find true center.


Drumming for Unity & Peace

We drum to build community with the intention of unity and peace. Held the third Saturday monthly near Magnolia Springs, Alabama.

Simone is also available to travel to your location to facilitate drum circles and help groups build their own community circles. It’s a great way for many kinds of groups to take their experience of healing deeper.

Contact Simone for details.

Guided Meditations

Taking a few minutes each day to sit in stillness can aid us in maintaining balance. Our minds need time to connect deeply with our core to have integration of inner and outer experiences. Even a few minutes of simply breathing and following our breath into our body and out can have profound calming effects and can refresh us to be more effective in our lives.

Guided Relaxation

Ocean Healing

Stream & Crystal Bowls

Peace Meditation

Gratitude Meditation