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“Capturing the essence of a wild animal or place is my goal in photography. Helping people connect with the spark of the sacred found in all of nature is the inspiration for my work.”

Beauty and spiritual presence can be seen in Simone’s work whether it’s her images of manatees, humpback whales, pristine beaches or misty mountain valleys.

“My intention is to help raise awareness of the precipitous balance in which we find ourselves on this Ocean planet and to increase consciousness and the sacred connection we have with nature. Ultimately this can heal ourselves and the planet.”

Simone Lipscomb Photography

You can enjoy nature and landscape photography, images of musicians and more at the photography site. For questions about ordering Email Simone.

“As an artist, I find visual communication the most profound method of delivering information about the natural world. I know of no photographer who communicates her love of our planet with more elegance, clarity, or eloquence than Simone.” Laleah Adams, Artist–Asheville, NC