BP Says Oil Spill is Tiny

The CEO of BP told a British newspaper that the oil flow in the Gulf is ‘relatively tiny’ in a Read More →

Watching An Admiral Dance on Oil-Slick Water

Reporter–So how toxic is this dispersant being used on the oil? Rear Admiral Mary Laundry–We have approved the use of Read More →

The Wildlife Death Toll….Thus Far

Eighteen birds, 87 sea turtles, 6 dolphins have been recovered dead. Seven birds have been treated and two have been Read More →

What do you see in this video?

http://www.break.com/usercontent/2009/6/oooguruk-island-june-23rd-2009-790036 Charles Wohlforth posted this on his blog. It’s ice in the Arctic overcoming a drilling island. His question is Read More →

Sea Turtles

My favorite ocean creatures are sea turtles. I have observed loggerheads, hawksbills, and green turtles while diving and their slow-moving Read More →

My voice, your voice

I was reminded today that each of us has our own, unique voice. Words you use might be different from Read More →

A Personal Issue–A Question

I realize I am taking the oil flow/spill and the resulting environmental catastrophe very personally. I was discussing this with Read More →


One of my friends keeps reminding me to breathe. I hadn’t realized that I’d been holding my breath but looking Read More →

Number Crunching

When the oil rig blew out on April 20th sea water rocketed 240 feet into the air before methane gas Read More →

The Smell of Money

Years ago my grandfather told me that the smell of cow manure or pig manure was the smell of money. Read More →