Today is World Ocean Day, BP Gives Profits (?) to Wildlife, Super-Weeds

BP announced yesterday it would give net profits from the oil being pumped from Deepwater Horizon to Gulf Coast wildlife. Read More →

BP’s a Corporation?

At 2.30am I was dreaming about blobs of thick, oozing oil on the white sand with the sound of helicopters Read More →

It’s the End of the World As We Know It

I’m not sure I need to write anything as the picture of the shell pretty much says it all. Is Read More →

Coming Out of Denial in Coastal Alabama

For the past several weeks the threat of oil washing ashore on the Alabama coast was not a reality so Read More →

BP is FAILING at Clean-up–Let’s Clean Our Own Beaches!

I called in these oil blobs to the NWR staff and the toll free hotline for oiled shoreline from the Read More →

Lessons from a Ghost Crab

Two days ago I sat on the beach and watched a ghost crab at the water’s edge digging a burrow. Read More →

Oil Arrives at Fort Morgan, Alabama

Oil arrives

I have been walking the beach at Fort Morgan every day this week and this afternoon, as I watched a Read More →

Tony Hayward of BP Wants His Life Back…Coast Guard Clueless…What Next?

My brother and I went to a public forum in Mobile last night. It was hosted by SeaGrant and consisted Read More →

Coastal Defense — Crime Scene at the Fort

The guns and red brick walls of Ft Morgan once fortified the east side of the mouth of Mobile Bay Read More →

Where Are the Wild Things?

I’ve been on the Gulf Coast for over two weeks now. I wanted to come home to document, through photography, Read More →