Science VS Common Sense

The only thing that calmed me this morning was envisioning a beautiful rose, deep red and full of delightful scent. Read More →

An Incredible Journey

Two days ago, I was completing my last survey of the beaches for my October trip to the Gulf Coast. Read More →

October Gulf Coast Summary

The main point I wish to make from my observations here on the Alabama Gulf Coast this past week is Read More →

Gull’s Feet Tell the Story

Months ago I wrote of my concern about shorebirds walking in oil from MC252, better known as Deepwater Horizon, that Read More →

Diamonds in the Web

I sit here in the shade of pine trees at Gator Lake and allow the breeze to cool me after Read More →

To a Jellyfish

You rear up as I approach. Your head, blue-purple, follows me as I walk. I stop and kneel on the Read More →

Dare to Look Closer–Update on the Gulf of Mexico

Today was my first day back at the Gulf Coast since mid-September. After torrential rains last night, the day cleared Read More →

The Moon–Another Resource to be Exploited?

I saw a report on the news that NASA’s launch and intentional crash of two scientific, data-gathering rockets has yielded Read More →

Marking the Date

Yesterday was the six month anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. It was also the date of my Read More →

Orion Peeking Through Leaves

I awoke before sunrise and did my usual greeting to the mountains from my deck. As I stuck my head Read More →