Orion Peeking Through Leaves

Orion Peeking Through Leaves

I awoke before sunrise and did my usual greeting to the mountains from my deck. As I stuck my head out the first thing I noticed was the soft rustling of leaves as the pre-dawn air stirred them. I glanced up into the trees and shining through an opening in the canopy was the constellation Orion. His belt arched beautifully over the sky, bow poised, awaiting the sun.

It felt as if his arrow was a pointer, a directional guide into my day. I breathed in the beauty of the morning, giving thanks for the trees, sky, mountains…for everything that surrounded me…as I stood in socked feet on the cool wood of the deck.

The mighty hunter has, descending from his belt, a nebula and it helps me set the intention of my day. Today I will imagine myself inside a beautiful nebula, growing, developing into a stronger expression of my highest self, becoming a purer channel through which love and light can move.

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