One of my FaceBook friends posted to go look at the moon….NOW when the moon was rising. I ran outside after wrapping myself in a blanket.

It was rising in the east over the gathering of cows nestled under the ancient live oak trees. I stood at the fence, almost within their herd, and witnessed a spectacular full moon rising, orange and huge in its supermoon status. As I stood in silence, the munching of hay could be heard amongst the herd. The bovines made it feel so much more powerful with their black coloring and the energy of mothers and calves…and their general deep groundedness.

A calf mooed in the distance, calling for its mom. A large bat flew overhead, silent in its passing a few feet over my head. The shuffling of hooves on grass and hay could be felt through the ground. It was as if I stepped into another dimension of amplified sensation and experience.

I started singing a song about the moon and one of the cows walked over to the fence. She started moving to the song, not exactly dancing but did some strange twisting and turning that didn’t appear to be related to giving birth or scratching an itch… but who knows . The other songs I sang seemed to equally appeal to her.

Memories from Ireland in February 2018 made me smile….that was a beautiful full moon, too.

As the moon rose higher in the sky I walked back to the open area between my home and the fence and watched the light grow in brilliance. The bat dipped down closer as I sang and opened my arms in gratitude for the trees that stand as guardians to my home and shelter such beautiful life….hawks, owls and all manner of songbirds. Their presence in the moonlight seemed especially strong as the tide turned from winter to spring here in the northern hemisphere.

This is a time of strong energy, of change and movement, as spring brings us to a time of new beginnings. I welcome these beginnings and the adventures that await.

As I sang and danced under the moonlight, under the limbs of magnificent oaks, I felt connected to the lineage of women who have walked this Earth as change-makers, healers, lovers of life. Let us arise and awaken to beauty within and around us.

(P.S. I took no photographs….just enjoyed the beauty and captured in my heart and mind….and included images I took at other times).

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