Mermaid Magic

Mermaid Magic

SimoneLipscomb (1)The week continued with three fun dives today that advanced my mermaid-in-training efforts. Each was different and all were fun.

First, the morning started out with a pre-dawn communion with the sea…and birds, iguanas, gnats and clouds. I felt a loved one I have not seen in over three years join me…at least in my mind and heart…and we watched the sun rise together. A full account of this morning can be found in the previous post.

SimoneLipscomb (19)
The current had much of the soft coral looking very bendy.

Dive One was quite a surprise. Current that was crazy-strong was moving from the north to the south along the reef and it was very difficult to kick against it with The Beast (my large underwater camera housing and strobes). In reality, it would have been difficult without The Beast. It was probably the strongest current this mermaid-in-training has ever experienced in Bonaire. It reminded me of the current at Ginnie Springs…during river flood (when the usual cave flow is slower).

New friends who played with this mermaid.
New friends who played with this mermaid.

On the second dive a couple of new friends and I started at a site about a quarter mile north and our intention was to drift to the condo complex where our group of 23 people is staying.

SimoneLipscomb (2)We entered the beautiful dive site and started our dive but to my dismay there was hardly any current. So it would be a long swim to our take-out point….a one-way journey. But luckily as we got closer to our destination the current started picking up and delivered us safely to our take-out point in 47 minutes. After another few minutes spent taking photos and such we were out of the water 51 minutes from our start point. There was a lot of kicking involved but we had a little help from the Ocean as it pushed us a bit at the end of our dive.

The exit point after a quarter mile, one-way swim from out entry point.
The exit point after a quarter mile, one-way swim from out entry point.

After a required mermaid rest, I returned to the water did another nice dive. But this time, the current was completely reversed. I turned north as it didn’t feel like any current was present but while diving realized the current had reversed and was pushing me so my swim back was a great workout.

Later I wondered what would have happened if the current had shifted during our one-way drift dive. That would have made for a very difficult and interesting swim.

SimoneLipscomb (2)The water temperature began at 81 degrees on Sunday and shifted later that day as the visibility decreased. Water was 79 degrees from Sunday afternoon until this afternoon (Wednesday) which made for a cold mermaid who had prepared for warmer water with a thin wetsuit. But as the current shifted, the water cleared and warmed up! So two more diving days with better visibility and warmer water is what this mermaid hopes for.

Tonight was a special treat as I dined with a family and the two girls are also mermaids in training, taking their first scuba classes this week. We talked of magic, mermaids and dragons. It was wonderful connecting with others who understand the magic of life.

SimoneLipscomb (31)Lessons for the day? 1) Keep my heart and mind open and keep love alive. 2) A little hard work is good for me but if I can go with the flow, instead of against the current, it’s always better. 3) Life, like the currents of the Ocean, can change completely within a few hours. 4) Always dine with other mermaids if possible as the conversation is infinitely interesting and enlightening.


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