Underwater photography is Simone’s passion but then so is capturing sacred sites, mountains, beaches, forests…just about anything related to nature. Hire her to produce photographs that not only yield beautiful representations of place or wildlife but also imbue the images with the essence, the energy…the sacred.

Eco-spiritual Presentations

Engaging stories and adventures about our Ocean planet are customized for group interests, ages, and intentions. Simone’s storytelling with beautiful audio-visual presentations make for dynamic presentations to inspire, educate, heal and build teams in corporate, educational and faith-based settings.

Sound Healing Session

Using crystal singing bowls, gong, chimes, drums and other instruments, Simone creates a relaxing environment using gentle sounds to help restore and balance.


Join in the monthly Drumming for Unity & Peace circle or have Simone come to your group to lead and/or help organize a circle for your community.

Publishing Coaching

The publishing world can be daunting but writers and photographers who want to produce a book can find a wealth of information and hand-holding with Simone. If your message wants to be shared through published books or e-books and you don’t know where to begin…..

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