Just Live

Just Live

A few weeks ago my car got rear-ended while stopped at a red light. The other driver fled the scene but the police found the van because I got the tag number. They impounded the van until the driver showed up….suspended license, no insurance and a ticket for fleeing the scene of an accident. Luckily, just my bike rack sustained damage….well, not luckily because it’s mostly trashed. But my car was okay and no medical issues (at least I hope none arise).

Today just after leaving home a driver drifted over into the lane I was in and ran at least five cars into the ditch as the driver himself ended up crossing over the opposing lane and ended up in the ditch. I was almost hit head-on but luckily was able to pull off the road…as did the other vehicles, avoiding the one that either fell asleep at the wheel, was drunk or was too busy texting. Before pulling back onto the road I hesitated a few minutes to allow the shaking to stop. Luckily there were no hazards that damaged my car or the other cars. But that driver is still out there….god help us all.

On Monday a BCSS pickup truck (local sewer service) swerved into the lane I was driving in because he was using his phone. Another close call.

Lately I’ve felt like a bulls-eye is on my back. Other things have been wacky as well from potential buyers for my home to folks doing work for me.

You can’t help but do a little evaluation about life when you have a close call like I did today. A head-on collision at those speeds….well, I wouldn’t be typing this tonight.

I suppose it’s a time of life to re-evaluate things. Where am I most happy? What place nurtures me? Where do I find deepest peace? Where does the sense of community fit my expectations? Where do I find the most like-minded people willing to work with others to create positive change?

It’s time to return to the mountains. Life is too short to be anywhere but where I feel most at home. Now is the time to be in the place that most makes my heart sing.

Since childhood I wanted to live in the mountains of the south. The six years I did, before moving to the coast, was wonderful and there are times I wish I had stayed there….but I did make some super-awesome friends and musicians and I got to meet some sweet sea turtle hatchlings and find sea turtle nests and help rescue manatees. Several months ago I heard it was time to wrap up that work so I could be ready for my next step.

And so I await the move back to the mountains with great excitement and gratitude. My home needs to sell first, so I also await the sale of my home here on the coast so I can move forward with the rest of my life.

Never waste time in this precious life. Don’t settle for a situation or place or job that doesn’t feed your soul. Most importantly….just live….fully, completely and with wild abandon.

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