I Stopped Trying to Save the World Today

I Stopped Trying to Save the World Today

simonelipscomb.com (10)Solstice. Sunrise. Sunset. Moon. Stars. Inky blackness in a space vacuum pierced by pinpoints of light.

simonelipscomb.com (2)Cosmic glue. Love. Source. Spirit. Animation of matter through particles of light.

simonelipscomb.com (14)Heart and mind open, light sparkles through eyes and aura.

simonelipscomb.com (7)Light, mist of Love manifested in physical. Light and love, same expression of the Mystery, the Unnamable.

simonelipscomb.com (4)Defining It lessens It and contorts It into our image.

simonelipscomb.com (11)Light came from Dreamland with me this day–a flower opening, a single ray of light from the sun…smile of a friend after a belly laugh slurped from the same straw.

simonelipscomb.com (15)Today I stopped trying to save the world. Now there is only laughter and beauty. Outrageous laughter. Delicious beauty.

simonelipscomb.comStopped pushing, began allowing. Profound peace is at home within me. And now….everything is possible.

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